5 Best Basketball Wears

5 Best Basketball Wears

Do you love basketball? What's your favorite finishing move? Is it Slam Dunk, Three-point shot, or Alley-oop? As a fan of this highly engaging sport, you no doubt enjoy watching professional tournaments. And like every other sport, basketball is a great option to play with friends.

However, doing so is incomplete without the proper outfit. And that's why basketball wear is essential. It puts you in the right mood for the game and helps you focus and perform better while playing.

Above all, your jersey identifies your favorite team and gives you a similar look to its players. And don't forget, these kits offer a stylish and cool appearance. For these reasons, many have developed an interest in collecting the coolest basketball wears out there.

If you're planning on getting a kit, you might wonder which to opt for. What is the best basketball wear anybody can have? Not to worry, this article discusses the five Best and coolest kits for your basketball adventures.

Five Best NBA Jerseys

The NBA prides itself as one of, if not the greatest Basketball league in the world. It consists of thirty teams, each with different and stylish attire. Amongst them, these five are outstanding:

1. Lakers’ Gold

Los Angeles Lakers sit at the top of the NBA in terms of the number of trophies won. This team is highly esteemed even by non-basketball fans. And their gold iconic kit is one no fan will ever forget. In addition, the Lakers offer four more kits (These include Classic, City, Statement, and Association editions). The White Association Edition is another famous outfit traditionally worn on Sunday games.

Are you a fan of the Lakers? If so, you have five different options to choose from. Isn't that exciting? And what's more, you can get a custom lakers jersey suited to you. That, plus a pair of Nike shoes might be what you need.

2. Bulls’ Red

Do you love red? Then the Chicago bulls' red-black outfit might interest you. For Bulls fans, this color is iconic. They witnessed their hero - Michael Jordan wearing that color to lead the Bulls to victory during the Jordan flu game. The red kit with a pair of Air Jordans might help you feel closer to how Michael Jordan did.

3. Celtics’ Green

Boston Celtics are yet another top team in the NBA Finals. With their traditional green jersey, they have claimed the title a good seventeen times. As such, they are the greatest rivals of the Lakers, who won the same amount of trophies. So if you're attracted to a dark shade of green, the Celtics' uniform might do the trick.

4. Grizzlies’ Blue

The Memphis Grizzlies are a basketball team known for their smoke-blue uniform. Their other jersey colors are navy blue and gold. The grizzlies are regular participants of the competitive NBA. So you can be confident when rocking the jersey.

5. Heats’ Vice

Since 2018, the Miami Heat have constantly released a series of 'Vice' jerseys. This series consists of a mixture of laser fuchsia and blue gale. And their most recent Vice Edition is made up of a gradient of both colors. Without a doubt, Miami Heats offers some of the most stylish and cool basketball kits.

Wrapping Up

Believe it or not, sports are a whole industry on their own. From Soccer to Basketball, there is a wide variety to delve into for fun and professionalism. However, many have selected the latter as their number one. And in the basketball world, there are a variety of stylish jerseys, which can get your mood lifted.